The Covid-19 passport enables spring 2022 events to be organised in Finland

The Covid-19 passport enables spring 2022 events to be organised in Finland

”It is difficult to arrange events without imposing Covid-19 passports. If the regional administration agency restricts the organisation of events or the number of participants also next year, we will immediately impose the Covid-19 passport at all our events. This allows us to organize events safely and in full size without restrictions. Customers can be confident that the events will be arranged as planned,” says Marja Pekkanen, President of The Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers in Finland.

Currently, the use of the Covid-19 passport is subject to authorities’ restrictions – a change in the law is hoped for

Under current law, the Covid-19 passport (EU’s digital Covid-19 certificate) can only be imposed at public events when events are subject to authorities’ restrictions. Operators subject to restrictions may require their customers to present a Covid-19 passport upon entry.

People’s health and safety are priorities for trade fair organisers. The industry is constantly monitoring the development of the pandemic and reacts quickly to the restrictions and recommendations set by the authorities.

”The Covid-19 passport is a very necessary tool for the event industry and we are ready to use it for as long as needed. At present, the event organiser can impose the Covid-19 passport only if there are authorities’ restrictions in the area. The law should urgently be amended so that the use of a Covid-19 passport is possible if necessary, so that event organisers can confidently plan their activities in the long run,” says Pekkanen.

The Covid-19 passport is available from Omakanta. The visitor must also be prepared to prove their identity. EU’s Covid-19 certificate is valid if you are Covid-19 vaccinated, if you have received a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours or have fallen ill with Covid-19 within 180 days. The Covid-19 passport is also issued to persons who have been ill with Covid-19 and received one Covid-19 vaccination. The Covid-19 passport reader does not collect or store health or other information.

The Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers in Finland represents the vast majority of Finnish trade fair organisers. The members of the association are: Housing Fair Finland Co-op, Jyväskylä Fair Ltd, KPK Events, Lahden Messut, MediaPro Finland Oy, Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, North Finland Fair, Pohjanmaan Expo Oy – Expo Österbotten Ab, Riihimäen Messut Oy, Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd, The Turku Fair and Congress Center.

In 2019, trade fairs and other events held at trade fair centres brought an income stream of more than half a billion euros to their venues in Finland (Taloustutkimus 4/2021). During normal years, about 150 different trade fair events are held every year in different parts of Finland and more than 1.5 million visitors take part in them |

More information: The Association of Trade Fair and Event Organisers in Finland, President Marja Pekkanen,, tel. +358 40 545 7766

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